This is the view of some kids who visited the exhibition "Anima Vegetalis" and "Anima Aquatica" in "Arts and Events Centre of Figueira da Foz" in Portugal. The way they look complicit, their generosity, their involvement, serves me to look at myself in search of teaching about how could we, adults, elevate ourselves to reach their level helping us to build, as a legacy, an universe with meaning.
Thank you Kids, Thank you Conceição, Thank you Ana!

and, above all, thank you all the authors:
Teresa, Mariana Inês, João Miguel, Maria João, Miguel Ângelo, André, Miguel, Letícia, Sofia, Afonso, Joana, Diogo, Sofia B., Maria, Gustavo, Ismael, Guilherme, Cristiana e Dinis
And... All aboard!

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