This work is all composed with seaweeds caught in Vila Chã,
a little fishermen beach in the North of Portugal.The seaweeds were digitalized with a normal and very cheap scanner
with the lid open into a dark room.It has no digital manipulation but some simple cleaning on
the black background.

Instituto Camões 2005
Centro Multimeios / Espinho 2006
Garganta da Serpente / Sala das Najas. Brasil 2006
Museu Amadeo de Souza Cardoso . Amarante 2006
Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett . Porto 2006
Serv’Artes . Porto 2007
Museu Abade Pedrosa . Santo Tirso 2009
Casualness made me. It also made all these images thatcame from the sea and from its will. The simple act (going to the beach tocollect little seashells) was the call to all the other beings that live thereor die at our feet. Those beings that have tried to give us a beginning bydesiring to possess eyes (tiny...). But let me explain: One day I thought thatI am what I am because the seaweeds I photograph today have wanted me to bethis way, a watcher. Just because they have wanted to be felt by the light thatonce existed there. And they have created little cells, different from all theother ones that they were, those that could know light from darkness. Then,millions of years after, they have desired to find out where it was (the light,I mean) and they looked for it. I believe that they have begun seeing. Ibelieve that they have started being us. Today I see myself wondering howcurious the fact is that I want to produce images of those primary observantbeings, so that they become nourishment to my eyes, which, in turn, stubbornlycontinue to bathe in the same salted water. Today I wonder how curious it isthe fact that we still continue, after so many millions of years, desperately looking for a light.

Paulo Gaspar Ferreira
Translation: Alexandra Negrier
A casualidade me fez. E fez também estas imagens que vieram do  mar e da vontade dele. O acto simples (à praia apanhar conchinhas!) chamou outros seres  que lá vivem ou morrem a nossos pés. Esses que nos quiseram  começar querendo ter olhos (pequeninos...). Me explico: Um dia pensei que sou porque as algas que hoje fotografo me quiseram assim, olhador. Porque se quiseram sentir pela luz  que lá estava. E criaram pequenas células, diferentes das outras todas  que eram, que podiam saber a luz e a escuridão. Depois, milhões de  anos depois, quiseram saber onde ela estava (a luz) e procuraram-na.  Acredito que começaram a ver. Acredito que começaram a ser nós. Hoje, dou-me a pensar como é curioso o facto de querer produzir  imagens desses primeiros seres olhadores, para que sejam alimento  dos meus olhos que continuam teimosamente banhados na mesma  água salgada. Hoje, dou comigo a pensar como é curioso o facto de continuarmos,  depois de tantos milhões de anos, desesperadamente à procura de  uma luz.

Paulo Gaspar Ferreira
The Exhibition

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